Zü Blog: Volume Zero

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My name is Zuma and I am finally starting my second life tonight with this blog entry. Zü Blog will serve as a place for the seemingly random musings and stream of consciousness coming from an average dude from Irving, TX, with nowhere to go, but forward!

I am a graphic designer and I graduated from The University of Texas at Arlington in Spring 2017. I have spent a good portion of my life studying and practicing various techniques in art and design so that one day, I can have my works and projects make money for me while I travel the world!

My ultimate dream is to create and develop a brand identity similar to that of Disney, Warner Bros, and Nintendo. These companies all have designed and marketed unique characters and worlds and universes for said characters to reside in to an extent where if you see them on any merchandise, chances are that you'll recognize them and the creator behind it. This is my goal; to one day own a set of characters that can be slapped on a t-shirt or lunchbox and sell a good amount simply because the character is so robust and present on the grand stage.

I have a flurry of characters that are gearing up for their public debuts, so stay tuned!