Mammals in circuses and aquariums around the world suffer from neglect and severely limited living environments. In places like Sea World, whales and dolphins are kept in enclosures not near large enough for them to be happy and naturally existing. These intelligent beings are kept from evolving as nature intended and are subjects to our whims and research or entertainment.

Sea World has taken a few hits in their public relations with the release of the documentary called Blackfish, but there is still work to be done and my campaign aims to illuminate the dark and incomplete lives of these creatures we share the planet with. Circus shows are also notorious for abusing animals in order to make them perform pointless tricks all for some cash.

Other species are just as capable as us to love and feel depressed and it is not our right to claim their lives for the entertainment of ours. Dolphins and whales are known to communicate with each other and form bonds and friendships on a near human level. They can also form bonds with people. This shows that they should not be captured and made to perform for our amusement. Pigs, cows, chickens, and other farm animals are being grown artificially and “efficiently” and these animals suffer terrible living conditions as well. Zoo’s and circuses aim to show us people a good time, but behind the scenes, these animals thrive for something more, but they can never know because they were born into slavery.

My series of posters aims to ignite a campaign that will push an agenda forward that makes people more aware of the inhumane treatment and embarrassment of our species as we sit idle and let this cruelty take place.


This "Cool or Cruel?" is typographic and graphic experimentation project dealing with the topic of animal cruelty. I did not want the message to be commanding or demeaning in anyway, but I want the viewer to think about the question to themselves and even possible discuss the subject with other people.

I may do future posters featuring other animals based on the same principle design choices so that it grows into a collection.

Created using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro