big bang

Nothing does not exist...


So I've come across a lot of science-y stuff saying that there was nothing before the Big Bang or that the universe arose from nothing.

I am against this conclusion because it does not make any sense. If a universe can arise from "nothing" then that means there already existed parameters for such a thing to happen. Those parameters would have had to exist in the "nothingness" people claim to have been before the Big Bang happened, which is contradictory, and can only mean one thing.

There was no beginning. Things just have always been around. This conclusion makes way more sense. It cannot be very hard to imagine that everything everywhere has always existed and will exist forever in the states, forms, and stages it goes through. If infinity exists then there is probably a negative infinity. Hmm, but now as I am typing this, I ask, what about the concept of zero...?

I gotta sit on that thought, but for now, RIP Stephen Hawking, you were a cool guy, but I think you may be wrong on this topic :P