Future Sight?


Would it be crazy to believe that the future iteration of yourself relative to our current "present" moment can influence your life based on it's own self interests? If you buy into the idea that consciousness is basis of reality, then it may not be that crazy. :P

I think that the past, present, and future are more or less predetermined and are always existing simultaneously. I do not think this quite negates the idea of free will, but I believe that the insane amount of predictability exhibited by science so far means that at some time in the future we will may be able to predict what happens as subatomic particles and quantum fluctuations interact with our brains and our consciousness.

Perhaps a future version of yourself (from an ethereal viewpoint) can can't quite manipulate you in to doing a specific action, but perhaps could tug on your brain/consciousness material using quantum entanglement so that you sleep better or get up to eat at a certain time.

Like I said, I believe the past, present, and future are all happening now. An action taking place in the future will have an effect on our now. This probably doesn't make sense, but I need to just keep putting my stuff out there haha.