Do you own yourself?


Is your consciousness YOUR consciousness wholly and exclusively? Is the arrangement of particles you call you exclusive to only you during this life time? Your brain, consciousness, and thoughts are only one specific orientation of micro particles.

So, in your head, if you imagine a rabbit... That instantaneous state of physicality of "you" could be represented elsewhere. Some would posit that it is only a copy running around with your memories... But what if it is still YOU and you somehow feel and experience both of you simultaneously?

The idea may seem crazy, but so is the nature consciousness. Who's to say that the fundamental particles like quarks and gluons (and whatever else makes up all things) that make up your brain and your persona aren't working in a similar way all around you? 

With this notion, I posit that it is not absurd to look at a rock, airplane, air, or other inanimate object as possibly being conscious from a different perspective.

If we compare ourselves to the micro world of physics and then scale back further to macro sized objects like galaxies and black holes, it cannot be hard to imagine that we are atom or electron sized to potentially universally sized beings who see us like we see ants and bacteria.

If a small human living on this small planet can evolve to a point where the ingredients for life are tucked away in our little brains, why can't that happen on larger (galaxies) or smaller (quantum) scale?

The entirety of the universe as we know it is quantum. All a person is is a big clump of quantum fluctuations in space-time and this includes your thoughts and sense of self. It is not unreasonable for quantum actions to give rise to what we understand to be consciousness because we ourselves are an example of random particles arranged in a certain way that are conscious.