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Pokemon GO isn't a real game, give Niantic some slack


Pokemon GO isn't a real game and people need to stop acting like it is or is supposed to be. Niantic probably knows this better than all of us. Pokemon Go is an experience that affects the real world and thus cannot be treated like a traditional game.

People like to knock Niantic for not communicating well with the user base, but in my eyes, I've always assumed this tactic was to make it as real world as possible. For instance, in a real Pokemon world, there wouldn't be some big organization telling you about Pokemon spawn rates or when certain kinds of new or legendary Pokemon may appear or when there is double stardust.

The in-app assets are all you have and that's it. It's essentially your Pokedex with limited communication between your team leader and the Prof and stats about your Pokemon and your journey. Those elements could definitely be beefed up on Niantic's side. I would like announcements to come from within the app in a timely matter, rather than hear about it from Niantic through Twitter or whatever.

Y'feeling me?

Maybe this is not how Niantic actually approaches this situation, but that's why I like the game still. I want them to be separate from the game so it feels more real. For example, instead of telling us directly that we need to do this recent Global Travel challenge (as of Nov 27, 2017) through Youtube ads and Tweets, maybe the Prof in the game says something like, "I hear that if trainers around the world catch 500 million pokemon, then something cool will happen around the world! and maybe even cooler things to follow!" This would get us real world trainers murmuring and we'd figure it out among ourselves.

And since we always "win" these silly challenges it would just make sense to remove the time limit and just make it goal focused for however long it takes. Then after the first challenge is met, we're given a new goal (1.5 billion caught Pokemon), and after that we are told in the app that the next goal is 3 billion. After we get it, then the Prof would say something like, "Oh my! It looks like Farfetche'd is being seen in new territories around the world for the next 2 days! See if you can catch one yourself before they return to their native land!"

You know all of the Pokemon Go forums and Tubers would consolidate the information for us and it would be lit. I like real world buzz and commotion for this game. It feels like when I played Pokemon Red and someone would tell me a new secret about the game.

And another reason we should give Niantic some slack is because there are hackers out there who data mine the updated app and ruin all the surprises that Niantic has in store for us. Granted, it is my own fault for spoiling myself and we know Niantic's in-game communication could be better/revamped, but a game of this magnitude has never existed before. Niantic needs to be careful and not bow to the whims of people who are fans of other Pokemon titles.