Life in a Blackhole

I do not imagine it being impossible for life to form within and around a black hole. In my mind I just see the black hole as a larger scale version of earth or any other celestial body that creates gravity. The earth could be seen as a volatile and violent place to an alien life form just as we view Jupiter or Saturn as inhospitable. Perhaps we just cannot imagine what a life form that exists on the sun may look or function like.

The main reason for my assertion is that we as human beings, accept the we are conscious and conscientious due to what we have discovered through neurology and biology. The main reason for our consciousness and self-awareness is located somewhere in our brain, right? Every thought you have or idea you conjure has a physical representation in the universe because you ARE the universe. You are as much a part of the universe as the sun, atoms, galaxies, quantum particles, and dark matter. You are the universe becoming aware of itself.

So when I say that life could possibly form and flourish in a black hole, I am coming from the angle that those types of life forms may be undetectable to us in ways that would show us that they are indeed alive. The matter that constitutes your brain makeup and consciousness, is everywhere in the universe and may be able to evolve, adapt, and come together in unimaginable ways on the edges of black holes.

At some points in the black hole, I imagine there being areas that are relatively calmer than other regions. It is in these regions where hyper-dense life forms could possibly emerge. It may not be anything like life we see here, but maybe it's a huge amalgamation of stardust and particle "sludge" within the black hole that has grey/white matter particles in it. These particles could in theory, become aware of the violent storm they live in and collect resources from the surrounding environment like early life forms did during early earth.

If we consider the stuff I just said, then perhaps the gods and deities of yesteryear are just black holes that collect information about the universe. Think about it. Nothing can escape a black hole, theoretically, so that means they are massive dumps of information that could potentially be back-traced using the laws of the physical world. Black holes have been around for a long part of the universe's history and have been amassing data the whole time. It isn't impossible for some sort of entity to learn things about the universe with all that data over a long period of time.

Future Sight?


Would it be crazy to believe that the future iteration of yourself relative to our current "present" moment can influence your life based on it's own self interests? If you buy into the idea that consciousness is basis of reality, then it may not be that crazy. :P

I think that the past, present, and future are more or less predetermined and are always existing simultaneously. I do not think this quite negates the idea of free will, but I believe that the insane amount of predictability exhibited by science so far means that at some time in the future we will may be able to predict what happens as subatomic particles and quantum fluctuations interact with our brains and our consciousness.

Perhaps a future version of yourself (from an ethereal viewpoint) can can't quite manipulate you in to doing a specific action, but perhaps could tug on your brain/consciousness material using quantum entanglement so that you sleep better or get up to eat at a certain time.

Like I said, I believe the past, present, and future are all happening now. An action taking place in the future will have an effect on our now. This probably doesn't make sense, but I need to just keep putting my stuff out there haha.

Nothing does not exist...


So I've come across a lot of science-y stuff saying that there was nothing before the Big Bang or that the universe arose from nothing.

I am against this conclusion because it does not make any sense. If a universe can arise from "nothing" then that means there already existed parameters for such a thing to happen. Those parameters would have had to exist in the "nothingness" people claim to have been before the Big Bang happened, which is contradictory, and can only mean one thing.

There was no beginning. Things just have always been around. This conclusion makes way more sense. It cannot be very hard to imagine that everything everywhere has always existed and will exist forever in the states, forms, and stages it goes through. If infinity exists then there is probably a negative infinity. Hmm, but now as I am typing this, I ask, what about the concept of zero...?

I gotta sit on that thought, but for now, RIP Stephen Hawking, you were a cool guy, but I think you may be wrong on this topic :P