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Zü Studio is an illustration, animation, and graphic design company based in Dallas, Tx.

We boast a wide array of talents and skills that seek to maximize the values of our clientele as well as meld the worlds of engineering, politics, gaming, art, graphic design, technology, and social media in creative ways.

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8500 N Stemmons Fwy
Dallas, TX, 75247


(817) 899 - 8898


Past Projects

The following project summaries feature images (or videos) that highlight different aspects of the project. These works were selected to showcase our wide array of talents, capabilities, and CREATIVITY!

Browse through at your leisure and click or tap a project title button to gain a more comprehensive feel of the project.



I have a deep well of talents and skills not solely related to graphic design. I consider myself a more visionary person who knows what ideas will be successful. I want to eventually become an art director or creative director because I just have to much going on in my mind that I cannot execute alone. My other ventures will give you a taste of what I can conjure!

Zoodle Doodles

Zoodle Doodles are my collection of creature, monster, and animal doodles! I have a story I want to tell and these characters will serve as the main cast of characters. My inspiration for this can be attributed to many things, but the success of the Warner Bros' Looney Tunes serves as the best real world example of what I am pursuing and trying to emulate.

I started posting my drawings to Instagram to learn to ins-and-outs of attracting an audience on social media. The set of images below is fed straight from my Instagram page @ZoodleDoodles.

Zü Studio Instagram Feed

Updated feed from our Zü Studio Instagram account. @zu.studio

Fek News Studio Instagram Feed

My attempt at making edgy news stories... politics really knocks it out of you haha